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Will Raw Food Make My Dog Aggressive?

Posted by Marc Tremblay on
Will Raw Food Make My Dog Aggressive?
Absolutely Not!

This is one of the biggest myths with raw feeding. Diets strictly impact health, not behaviour. ⁠

Some behaviours can be impacted by poor health, but feeding a raw diet will not all of a sudden change your domesticated dog into a blood thirsty wolf. In fact, kibble was made less than 100 years ago, before that all dogs ate was raw meat and table scraps. If raw made dogs aggressive, dogs probably wouldn't be domesticated and a common pet.⁠

So where did this myth come from? Well likely someone gave their dog a raw bone, and the dog saw this as extremely high value and got territorial over it. If a dog is going to resource guard their meal or treat, this was probably a trait before raw feeding. They just never had anything of high value to them before. ⁠

Teaching your dog polite manners and proper behaviour around food is important no matter what diet you choose.⁠

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