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It's raw, done right.

At The Fluffy Carnivore, we want your pet to put it's best paw forward. That's why we only source human-grade and ethically-sourced products and proteins, and tailor each diet to fit your pet's personal needs, delivering it right to your door. Tails are sure to be wagging.

The Healthy Carnivore

When we feed heavily processed meat, grains, and fillers, we are forcing our pet's digestive system to breakdown food it's not intended to. This can have considerable effects on their digestion, resulting in chronic diarrhea, kidney and bowel disease, and even more costly trips to the vet.

Put Your Best Paw Forward

A raw-based diet will improve your fluffy carnivore's coat and teeth, boosting their sheen and cleanliness. You will also notice less 'pet odour' and 'dog breath'. If that's not a reason enough to switch, we don't know what is.

No More Sniffles & Sneezes

Pet allergies are often caused by feeding an inappropriate diet of grains and rice. Many pets are treated with antibiotics and steroids, but the answer is often as simple as switching to a species-appropriate diet. Aka us.

What Our Customers Are Saying

My dogs love their food from this store! The owners are hardworking, caring and polite.  They go above and beyond for their clients. They even offer delivery! I shopped around before choosing this place. Fluffy Carnivores has fair prices and high-quality food. I highly recommend checking them out!

Excellent service at Fluffy Carnivore! The knowledge the owners have cannot be matched anywhere else. They helped my allergy prone Boston Terrier transition to a raw diet seamlessly! Highly recommended!

I travel from Toronto to this location to buy my Raw Dog food Has a great variety, has a scale to weigh your dog. Great advice on feeding your dog raw (And you don't have to pay for it). Low fat treats for my over weight dog (she is on a diet). Great place, highly recommend. Worth the trip from Toronto.

Online ordering is easy. They sell the high quality dog food i like to buy. They bring it to my front door which great because I have difficulty with my mobility. I ordered several times and hadn’t had any issues.  Always friendly when they come to the door.

Always a great experience with the Fluffy Carnivore. I really appreciate that they deliver to Hamilton, makes it really easy for me. I just get in a monthly order and then don’t have to worry about it. The owner is really amazing and answers any questions you may have. Always have a variety of food, treats and bones. Definitely recommend getting your raw food with the Fluffy carnivore!