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So, do you deliver?

Yes we do! Please check our Delivery page for locations, days of the week, etc.

Great. When can I expect my order?

We will email you a delivery date and update you on time closer to delivery.

I’m interested but on the fence. What are the benefits of a raw-diet?

There are many. Here are a few game-changers:
  • No more odour
  • Naturally cleans teeth
  • Stool is firmer and healthier
  • Decreased Vet bills
  • Fresher breath
  • Better weight control
  • Allergies weaken and disappear
  • More energy
  • Longer life
  • Better mobility

How much will switching to a raw diet cost me?

It’s a lot more cost effective than you think. And what you save in vet bills makes it worth it for you, your pet and your wallet. The estimated feeding costs vary, depending on the size and activity level of your dog. There's a simple formula that may be helpful in calculating:

Weight of Dog x 2% x $2.75 (Average cost per lb) x 28 Days (7 Days x 4 Weeks) = Cost per month.

Can I feed my pet both kibble and raw?

We suggest going all raw if possible to provide your pet with optimal health and wellness. But some raw is better then no raw and you may find that this may not agree with your pets digestive system, so you may want to consider going fully raw or check out our freeze dried, dehydrated, or supplement lines.

So how do I know how much to feed my fluffy carnivore?

Our apologies our calculator is under work right now so we can provide you a better user experience in the future. Multiplying your dogs ideal weight by 2% can give you a great starting point. Adjust quantity to achieve ideal weight.

Can you cook the raw diet?

Unless marked. NEVER cook your pets raw food - including searing, defrosting in the microwave, or thawing in hot water! All of our brands contain ground raw bones. Cooked bones are not digestible and can be extremely dangerous - you may not have something happen the first time you cook it, but there is always the potential for it to happen causing high vet bills. If you have a picky pet we have a variety of healthy alternatives to raw that may interest them. If you forgot to thaw food a raw meaty bone and an egg is a great alternative for a meal!

What kind of supplements do I require with raw?

When feeding your pet a raw-based diet, we suggest an Omega 3 source as a complimentary supplement. This can be done with a fish oil, hemp oil, or even by adding fish to the current diet. We also suggest adding a pre/pro biotic to create a good balance in your Fluffy Carnivores micro-biome to help with digestion. We have a large selection of supplements that will help your pet with any ailments or pre dispositions that may concern you. 

Is it required to feed a variety of proteins?

Yes! In order to have a completely balanced raw diet you must feed your pet a minimum of 3 different proteins as evenly as possible throughout a month. This is because the raw diet is not supplemented with any vitamins or minerals - they come straight from the meat/bone/organ. In order to get all the nutrients your dog needs it is vital to rotate. If you do not rotate proteins you should add a multivitamin, we recommend Best In Show Enhanced supplement

My pet has allergies what should I feed?

We recommend feeding an elimination diet. This requires your dog to be on one single protein for the detoxing period. This can last for 3 weeks - 3 months depending on the pet. Then we slowly add new proteins & supplements into the diet. If you choose to stick with one protein a vitamin supplement is recommended. If your pet has allergies please visit the store, call or email us to discuss a meal plan for your dog.

I've decided to go raw, now what?

Congrats! And welcome to our community of raw feeders!
Please contact us at or by phone (905) 607-0820. One of our trained staff will be assigned to you to guide you through your transition.

Do You Offer Rewards or Points

Welcome to The Fluffy Points System; accumulating points will get your Fluffy Carnivore paws above the rest.  You will receive 20 base points for every $1.00 you spend excluding products that are part of the buy 12 get the 13th free program.  We are always running promotions that will earn you 2X, 5X, and even 10X the rewards.

10,000 points redeem $10.00 OFF
25,000 points redeem $20.00 OFF
50,000 points redeem $50.00 OFF