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Why Switch to Raw?

Posted by Marc Tremblay on
Why Switch to Raw?
Imagine only eating processed food for your entire life, how healthy could that possibly be? The answer is not at all, and it’s the same for your pets.

Cats are obligate carnivores and are biologically designed to only eat meat. Dogs are facultative carnivores so they thrive on meat-based diets. Unfortunately, the average pet foods are cooked full of starches and fillers that only include a small fraction of real meat. While this food is digestible, it is cooked at such high temperatures that it is left with little to no nutrients at all. Synthetic vitamins and mineral premix are added as the only sustainable nutrients. 

The amount of starches in pet food puts substantial pressure on the animals’ organs. Kibble specifically, lacks moisture which will have your pet in a constant state of dehydration. Additionally, because of these foods your pets have a significantly higher chance of developing digestive issues, allergy symptoms, diabetes and kidney disease.

Luckily, this can all be averted by switching to biologically appropriate food.

All dogs from our pugs and chihuahuas to our german shepherds and great danes, derive from the wolf. While they may look different, their internal anatomy looks the same.

Dogs and cats alike are created to eat raw meat. We now have the ability to offer them not only their basic needs, but to provide optimal nutrition based on their biological requirements.

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