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Benefits of raw Bones

Posted by marc Tremblay on
Benefits of raw Bones

It’s Rawgust! That month dedicated to consuming foods in their natural state, and we’d like to help you spend the rest of the month by sharing the top five benefits of a raw diet for your fluffy carnivore!

  1. more luxurious coat – As they say, you are what you eat. If your pup enjoys a healthy diet, you’ll notice it in their coat. Not only will their fur be fuller and have more shine, but consuming raw can help dogs with allergies. Many allergies cause dogs to scratch or bite at their bodies, creating bald spots and in the worst cases, serious harm to their skin.
  2. Improved dental hygiene and fresher breath – Many products out there claim to freshen your dog’s breath and improve overall dental hygiene. However, 75% of dogs suffer from periodontal disease; bad breath being the number one symptom. Sadly, their food isn’t giving them the dental benefits claimed. When you feed your dog raw foods like meaty bones, it allows her to chew through soft bone and meat. These sources scrape plaque from your pup’s teeth, providing a gum massage and circulation which not only freshens your dog’s breath but can also improve the colour of her teeth.
  3. Better digestion – Dogs don’t have the digestive enzyme amylase which is needed to digest grain because dogs are not meant to digest processed grains, meat by-product, and fillers. Feeding them foods with these additives is extremely hard on their bodies often causing lethargy, allergies, chronic diarrhea, bowel disease and other ailments. When you feed your dog raw, their digestive system can break down foods they’re designed to eat. The changes will be particularly noticeable in smaller, more compact, and even more fragrant stools.
  4. Improved energy levels and mobility – When your dog receives the nutrition they need, and is naturally meant to consume through a raw diet, you’ll likely notice their energy will increase. Raw foods have also been known to improve mobility in older dogs.
  5. Improved attitude – When you’re feeling good and looking good, it’s easier to feel happy and have a positive outlook on life. The same rule applies to your dog when you feed them raw. You may notice a little extra pep in their step as they’re easily able to digest their food, their coats and teeth looking healthier, and feeling like top dog!

If you’re planning to switch your pup to a raw diet, there are still some important details to keep in mind. Firstly, it’s recommended to slowly transition foods to avoid digestive shock and possible stomach upset. Since puppies need more calcium phosphorus for bone development, you should consider the age of your dog and might discuss your interest in a raw diet for your pet, with a raw expert. It’s important for your dog to maintain a balanced diet to ensure there isn’t a lack or excess of any nutrients. For example, too much vitamin A can be toxic for your pup. Finally, you should only purchase raw food for your pet from a reputable feeder, as proteins from an unknown source can be diseased or have pathogens which can be harmful to your pet.  As always keep your veterinarian informed on your dogs diet; and always best if your vet has experience with raw fed dogs.

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