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Soos Natural Dead Sea Mineral Enriched Pet Rescue Cream For Dogs & Cats


No one wants to see their pet hurting but, unfortunately, injuries happen. Be prepared when they do. Our Natural Rescue Cream immediately treats dermal injuries and speeds healing because it’s a topical cream made with natural antiseptics and antibiotics. Soos™ Natural Mineral Enriched Rescue Cream is made with 93 different natural remedies to stop pain, create a protective barrier and prevent infection. You will be amazed at how fast the injury heals. It absorbs immediately so it's harmless when licked. It’s also safe a great for human use! We use it on all our cuts and scrapes.

• Natural topical treatment for wounds, abrasions & damaged skin
• Treats cuts, scrapes, rashes, hotspots, dry & cracked paws, wounds, eczema, stings, minor infections, sores, bug bites, dry elbows, chronic skin conditions and dry, irritated skin
• Works within seconds
• Speeds healing
• Immediately soothes pain, irritation and discomfort
• Harmless when licked
• Natural antiseptic, antibiotic and antibacterial prevents infection
• Non Greasy formula
• Moisturizes
• Made with 93 natural remedies including: Dead Sea Water, Shea Butter,
Beeswax, Marigold Extract, Aloe Vera, Oregano Oil, Sea Buckthorn, Ginkgo Biloba, Corn Oil, Angelica, Eucalyptus, Siberian Ginseng, Alfalfa, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Dead Sea Salt, Borage Seed Oil, Dead Sea Minerals and Phytocomplexes of 71 Plants, Herbs and Roots
• For external use only
• Nourishes skin and coat with vitamins, minerals and essential oils
• Penetrates hair and skin to deeply hydrate
• Boosts immunity
• Draws out toxins and impurities
• Paraben and SLS (Sulphate) free
• Minimum 2x concentrated
• Safe and great for use on humans and animals
• Cruelty Free - NO testing on animals
• pH balanced for dogs & cats  
• Natural ingredients


Massage into the affected area twice daily. Avoid eyes. Store at room
temperature. Use only as directed.