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Slobbers Pumpkin Love


Slobbers Pumpkin Love


Slobbers is a family run business Located in the Niagara region of Ontario Canada. At Slobbers, we believe dogs deserve the very best that we can give them - For dog's sake! They are completely reliant on us to make the right decision(s) for them. And the single most important decision we can make for their health and happiness? Choose the best possible food.

Their mission is to provide you with a the highest quality dog treats using only the best possible ingredients. It's simple for them. "We won't make or sell anything we would not eat ourselves".

What makes them different?

A lot.


    • Their treats are grain free! Every ingredient has been verified organic (ECOCERT Canada). Their treats are made without potentially harmful allergens, chemicals and pesticides. We are fully committed to the well being of your dog(s), and we are the only company in Canada to walk this extra mile "For Dog's Sake!". You know, It just makes sense to them - better, purer ingredients result in a better, purer product.


    • Each of Their main ingredients were carefully selected from local sources (when possible) for the purpose of supplementing your dogs main diet. Their treats are not designed to replace your dogs primary nutrition source, but rather to supplement important nutrients, which could be lacking in their everyday food.

    • They make their treats in small, carefully monitored batches. Each batch is baked for a long time at low heat to maintain maxiumum nutrition. No mass producing going on here! Their baking process is just like anyone making cookies at home with exactly the same care and attention.


    • Their company is eco-friendly on every level. By choosing organic, we all help protect the environment. The process of growing and harvesting in an organically certified method keeps our soil and water viable for future generations. They also compost and recycle with virutally no waste, and any broken or unusable treats are donated to local free range farms.