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Raw Beef Lips

Highland Packers

Raw Beef Lips


(aprox. 300g cubed 2-3 pcs)

Beef lips are especially firm so they hold out longer against hearty chewers.
  • High in protein & low in fat.
  • Promote healthy teeth & gums.
  • Suitable for all sizes.

Feeding Instructions

  • Monitor pet at all times when feeding raw bones
  • Feed as a meal or treat

*it is recommended to feed softer bones 3 times a week for dental health benefits*

When choosing a raw bone for your pet, please note these important tips:

  • It’s recommended to choose bones larger than your pets mouth capacity to avoid choking.  Otherwise know your dog is a chewer not a gulper
  • Always supervise your pet while chewing on bones.
  • Never feed cooked bones
  • Excessive force or prolonged chewing can cause unwanted wear or cracking of your dog’s teeth
  • Keep frozen and throw away bone when your dog has chewed down to the brittle part of the bone, as splinters can occur. Refrigerate leftovers or discard within 1 hour.