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Mega Dog Blend


 Mega Blend is a tasty and affordable raw dog food, offering an allergen-free option that meets the portion needs of a bigger dog. It contains triple-ground whole chicken with bone and beef offal (liver, heart, lung, and tripe).

This basic blend needs to be supplemented with tripe, vegetables or a powdered supplement to offer complete nutrition. It is designed for dogs with allergies or pet owners doing their own mix!

Mega Blend is available in patties, making it easy to serve at meals and resealable to prevent leaks in the fridge. Thaw and serve this healthy meal to your dog!

Our meat passes strict safety inspections for human consumption and is only sourced from government-inspected facilities that meet these same safety standards. All of our meats are antibiotic and hormone free and come from local Canadian farms. Even our kelp comes from Atlantic Canada!



Mega Blend
Repas Mega
%moisture 62.15
% protein 13.07
Ca % 1.53
P % 0.88
Na % 0.11
K % 0.19
Magnesium % 0.04
Zinc ppm 33.71
Copper ppm 0
iron ppm 30.13
ash% 5.3
Crude fiber % 4.56
Fat % 14.9
Kcalories/100g 264
carbohydrates% 1.98