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Big Country Raw

Frozen Goat - Cookies n Cream


Your favourite ice cream flavour has made its way into our Frozen Goat lineup. Introducing Cookies ’N Cream – frozen raw goat milk with Slobbers cookie crumbs mixed in! Frozen Goat is made with goat milk yogurt and agar for a 100% natural thick and creamy treat. It is cold fermented and naturally full of probiotics that are great for your furry friend’s gut.

INGREDIENTS Cookies N Cream: Plain yogurt (Pastereurized Canadian whole goat milk, whole goat milk powder, actrive bacterial culture, agar Agar, bacterial culture). Slobbers Ingredients: Organic buckwheat flour, organic apples, organic coconut flour, organic palm shortening, organic cinnamon, baking sode (aluminum-free), organic blueberries.

Each box contains 3 x 100ml portioned cups of frozen yogurt.