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Four Leaf Rover

Four Leaf Rover Bovine Colostrum


Our Bovine Colostrum comes from 100% Grass-Fed New Zealand cattle. Since colostrum is naturally rich in lactoferrin and antibodies, it's a great choice for healthy immune balance and support. 


Bovine Colostrum is a rich source of IgA antibodies, proline-rich polypeptide and lactoferrin. This ethically-source first milk supports dogs with seasonal allergies and supports proper skin health, digestive tract health and a balanced immune response.


Our Bovine Colostrum starts with grass-fed New Zealand cattle raised on small, family farms. The colostrum from the first 12 hours is given to the calf only, to make sure all animals benefit from colostrum. This ensures the calves get the immune support they need before the colostrum is collected to share with dogs.


Every batch of colostrum is 3rd party tested to be free of growth hormones and antibiotics