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Dehaydrated Beef Tripe


Dehaydrated Beef Tripe



Tripe Contains: Protein, Healthy Fats, Natural Vitamin & Minerals, Calcium & Phosphorus Magnesium, , Pro-biotics, and lots of digestive enzymes.

Tripe contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Fatty acids have many health benefits for dogs. They may help boost a dog's immune system, reduce joint inflammation and help produce a healthy skin and coatSERVING GUIDELINES

Supervise pet when using chewy treats. Always serve in moderation and never as a meal replacement.

A healthy, tasty, and nutrient-rich treat for dogs of all ages! Dehydrated Lamb Ears are an excellent alternative for pups with food sensitivities to beef.


We think your dog deserves the very best. That’s why we proudly produce products that contain no artificial flavourings, fillers, gluten, or preservatives.

Additionally, all of our raw food, treats, and supplements are locally sourced and processed here in Ontario – so you know exactly where it’s coming from.