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Charmy Air Dried Turkey Breast 90g


Our turkey breast treats for dogs are hypo-allergenic and taste like a high reward treat!

Sourced from Canadian farmers, our meaty turkey breast treats are cut into square shapes and are simply air dried at a low temperature to retain maximum natural taste. Being low fat and high protein makes these pasture-raised turkey breast treats perfect for managing your dog’s weight. Feed during intense training sessions or as a healthy meal topper!


Nothing but only Pasture-Raised Turkey from Ontario, Canada.

Dog Size:
  Small Dogs (11-20 lbs) : 1-2 treats
  Medium Dogs (21-50 lbs) : 2-4 treats
  Large Dogs (51-90 lbs) : 4-6 treats

Feed to your pet as a healthy treat, not intended to replace your dog or cat's regular diet.