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911 Paste

911 Emergency

911 Paste


911 Emergency paste 80cc

911 Emergency Crisis Care Paste - for Pets and Comanion Animals

Whether you deal with the uncertainties of breeding and raising young animals, undifferentiated diarrhea, or with sudden problems induced by heat stress, dehydration, and exhaustion during transport and performance, and countless other “crisis” situations that may be undefined, you’ll find 911 Emergency Paste to be an essential and critical tool.

It is critical that the gut is functioning properly for your pet to have a happy, healthy, comfortable life.

Unlike typical “probiotic products”, 911 Emergency Paste provides a broad-spectrum complex of beneficial direct-fed microbial and yeast cultures in a unique, bioenergetic base of fermentation products and specially engineered yeast extract rich in glucomannans (GM). With its global replenishment of the full array of ingredients needed by healthy colonies, 911 Emergency produces much faster results for animals of all ages.

911 Emergency Paste is available in either an immediate care dosing tube (35ml) or a top-dressed powder  (Digest-Aide) for long term management of chronic GI problems and optimal gut health and immune enhancement.