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Transitioning Your Dog To A Raw Diet

Making The Transition to a Raw Pet Food Diet
What Every Pet Owner Should Know

So, you’ve made your choice to transition your fluffy companion to the RAW lifestyle! Oh, we’re so proud. *Sheds a tear of happiness*.

Now that you’ve learned about why a raw food diet will be SO much better for your pet, it’s normal to feel a little bit overwhelmed by the unknown. That said, let us address some of the common questions that pet owners new to the raw feeding lifestyle tend to have.

Q: I’m completely new to this! How do I begin my pet’s transition to a raw diet?

We like to suggest trying raw for four days to get a feel for it, and to see the benefits. We also recommend not feeding your pet the night prior to starting them on their raw diet, just to ensure the kibble is out of their system. You can feel free to take a savory dehydrated treat home to provide to your pet at night – this won’t interfere with the digestion reset.

Q: Which meat should I start my pet off on?

What we usually recommend is to start your pet off COLD TURKEY (which means no mixing with kibble – and quite literally, we suggest you start them off on turkey!).Turkey is the protein we most commonly start a pet off on as it is easy to digest and is considered to be a “cooling” meat. However, in some cases we will recommend starting with other proteins (e.g. if the pet has an allergy, or the owner has tried some raw in the past and knows their pet does well on it, a vet recommendation, etc.).

Q: How much should I be feeding my pet?

The age, breed, weight and activity level of your pet all play a fundamental role in determining how much they should be fed. Some breeds are typically known to have a faster metabolisms, and require more food as they burn calories quicker. Some breeds are the complete opposite. Speak to us to learn about the appropriate amount you should be feeding your furry friend!


After the first few days to a week of feeding raw, we suggest paying us a visit in-store to chat about your pet’s initial experience. Feel free to check in with us anytime if you have questions or concerns regarding your dog or cat’s raw lifestyle. We’re always glad to help!