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Save more with our easy and convenient meal plans

Meal Plans

We've made it paws-itively easy and convenient to order custom meal plans for your pooch. Simply select the plan that fits your needs and get a month's worth of meals delivered right to your door.

  • The Performance

    Using only the best cut of meat, locally sourced with no fillers, additives or preservatives. The Performance focuses on providing the best quality raw diet. Tail wagging guaranteed.

  • The Iron

    Trust what you feed your Fluffy Carnivore. The Iron plans only use human-grade and locally sourced ingredients. All meats come from regularly inspected facilities just like your T- bone steak dinner.

  • The Big Raw

    Exactly what the name states. The Big Raw offers the perfect plans for any picky-eating, sensitive bellied Fluffy Carnivores. Each plan offers a variety of meals full of quality raw ingredients.

  • The Healthy Paws

    They said kids are expensive but they didn’t own dogs, plural. The Healthy Paws is specially curated for homes with multiple or large dogs that want a complete and balanced raw diet at an affordable price.

  • The Mega

    Whether you’ve got one Great Dane, four Chihuahuas or a house full of Fluffy Carnivores, The Mega offers a meal plan for your clan that ensures all meats are triple-ground, antibiotic and hormone free.