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THRIVE Taurine - 200g


THRIVE Taurine - 200g


Essential amino acid supplement for cats and dogs. It is essential for cardiovascular function, and development and function of skeletal muscles, and the central nervous system.

Taurine can be added as an additional amino acid supplement to augment a raw, dry or home cooked diet.


Product Details

  • Ingredients: Taurine (2- aminoethanesulphonic acids, 98%), minerals (2%)

A fully grown cat should receive 250 – 500 mg of taurine mixed into its food daily. Always mix with water as undissolved taurine can overexcite your pet.

Taurine can also be administered in drinking water in limited amount as fresh water should be made available daily.

Dosage: 1/8 tsp per 5 lbs. of body weight.