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Toppl Ooze Stoppers

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Toppl Ooze Stoppers


Our Ooze Stoppers are a useful accessory to prevent liquid/contents from oozing out during prep of your Toppl dog toy. Should you choose to freeze your toppl, once completed frozen remove the ooze stopper and serve. Available in two sizes for the small and large size.  


*Not dishwasher safe: heat sensitive- no hot water or dishwasher 

* Hand wash with cool water and dry after each use 

*Do not leave with pet unattended

*Always remove stoppers before serving the toppl

*Push the ooze stopper into the hole of the toppl and leave about 2 cm between the stopper and toy

*Remove gently and apply cold water should there be resistance 



Ooze Stoppers are not intended to be used as a toy- keep out of reach of children and pets.