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Raw For Pets Lamb Tripe


Raw For Pets Lamb Tripe


 RFP unprocessed, unaltered green lamb tripe is full of digestive enzymes, vitamins, and healthy bacteria – helping to improve your pup’s metabolism and boost their immune system. Lamb tripe is also great for digestion, easy on sensitive stomachs, and is a suitable alternative option for pups sensitive to beef tripe.

Tripe products are not a complete meal and should always be served in addition to a source of protein. For a well-rounded diet, we recommend mixing our Beef Tripe mix with chicken, duck, or lamb.


Pasture Raised Green Lamb Tripe

*We are unable to store all the different serving sizes Raw For Pets offer.  These products are special order, please allow 1 week for delivery or pick up*

 Additionally, all of RFP raw food, treats, and supplements are locally sourced and processed here in Ontario – so you know exactly where it’s coming from.