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Raw For Pets Chicken Beef Trout Mix for Cats


Raw For Pets Chicken Beef Trout Mix for Cats


Cats thrive on a raw diet too! Our classic raw Chicken, Beef & Trout Mix for cats is packed with protein and essential nutrients to help your cat maintain a balanced, all-natural, and ancestral diet.

 Cats thrive on a raw diet too!

Chicken, Beef and Trout are all an amazing source of essential nutrients such as Omegas, B12 and phosphorus which are crucial, for optimal nervous system and immune system health. RFP CBT for cats also contributes to the health of the thyroid, bones, skin, teeth, coat and blood.


Chicken Meat, Bone, and Organ. Beef Meat, Bone, and Organ. Trout Meat, Bone, and Organ

*We are unable to store all the different serving sizes Raw For Pets offer.  These products are special order, please allow 1 week for delivery or pick up*

 Additionally, all of our raw food, treats, and supplements are locally sourced and processed here in Ontario – so you know exactly where it’s coming from.