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EnviroFresh Odour Out


EnviroFresh Odour Out


Additional Information:


  • Eliminates pet urine and related odors
  • Can be used on fabric or hard surfaces (always check for colorfastness)
  • Can be used in washing machine
  • Can be used directly on pet
  • Works great in green bins and garbage cans
  • Unscented, no masking agents
  • Natural plant extracts
  • Made in Canada



  • Shake well before use
  • Apply full strength unless otherwise directed
    • Hard Surfaces:
      • Spray on and let air dry
      • Optional: Cover surface with plastic sheet to slow evaporation and allow further penetration of product
    • Fabrics:
      • Always test for colorfastness in a hidden area, wait at least 72 hours for results
      • Dilute 1 part Odor Out to 5 parts warm water, mixing enough for the problem
      • Apply from the farthest point of the problem and work towards the middle
  • Apply small amounts and repeat if necessary
  • Never mix with bleach, vinegar, or any acidic cleaners



  • Purified filtered water, oxidizing agent, proprietary blend of plant extracts, surfactant, preservative