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Parker & Co

Cotton Rope Leash


Parker & Co. Cotton Rope Leash is extra soft, long-lasting, and handcrafted in Canada using 100% natural three-strand cotton rope. Each leash is individually hand-spliced and whipped for additional strength and durability. The rope is soft on the hands and extremely strong, with just the right amount of "give" to help absorb a sudden jerk or pull. Parker & Co. Cotton Rope Leashes are lightweight and can withstand over 200 lbs of pull.

In North America, 10 million tonnes of used textile waste is sent to the landfill each year. The rope used in Parker & Co. leashes is made by upcycling that waste into soft cotton yarns. No dyes, water, or chemical products are used to colour match the upcycled yarns. Parker & Co. Cotton Rope Leashes are renewable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly!

If you have any custom order requests please contact us at and we can see what we can do!

Product Details:

  • Length: ~ 6 ft
  • Width: 1/2" (12.7 mm) or 3/8" (9.5mm)
  • Hardware finish: silver
  • Regular 6” handle
  • Rope: 100% natural upcycled cotton (break strength 2155 lbs)
  • Whipping Rope: polyester (break strength 328 lbs)
  • O-ring to secure keys, treat/poop bag holders etc.

Limited 6 Month Warranty:
All Parker & Co. Cotton Rope Leashes include a limited 6-month warranty. If any product fails due to defects in materials or hardware, please contact a member of our team at for replacement options. We cannot exchange or refund items damaged due to misuse or chewing.

Because each piece is handmade, some minor variations in length and colour may occur.


We recommend spot cleaning when possible.  

To clean the entire leash, machine wash on a gentle/hand wash cycle with warm, chlorine-free water. Wash your leash on its own in a garment laundry bag or with like colours. Use a small amount of rope soap/mild detergent that is gentle on colours and fibers. We have found delicate fabric detergents to work best. Do not use any soaps/detergents containing bleach. When you're finished washing, hang up to air dry. Make sure to lay each item to shape. Dry all metal hardware by hand immediately. Do not hang in direct sunlight.

You may also handwash your cotton rope leash. To do this, soak the item in a warm, chlorine-free water bath and use a very small amount of mild detergent that is gentle on colours and fibers. Do not use sponges or brushes to scrub, as these can damage the cotton fibers. Instead, use your fingers to work out any stubborn dirt. Make sure all detergent is washed out of the leash before leaving it to dry. When you're finished washing, you can wring the excess water out and hang it up to air dry. Do not hang in direct sunlight to dry. 

Please do not use dish soap unless verified that it is an all-natural bleach-free soap. Do not use any soaps/detergents containing bleach.

Dry all metal hardware immediately after washing.