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BlueBoy Organic Dog Treats


BlueBoy Organic dog treats are 100 percent organic.They are made from real ingredients and  have absolutely no chemicals, additives or fillers. We use only human food chain sourced ingredients.

We source our ingredients locally as much as possible from local farmers. We buy from ethical farms where animals are treated with kindness and respect and pasture raised. There are no antibiotics, hormones and they are non GMO.

Our treats are handmade in small batches, rolled, baked and dehydrated to ensure their freshness.

The flavour on the bag  is exactly what you are getting. I take pride in saying our treats are pure real food that are packed with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats that promote good health.

Blueboy organic dog treats are gluten free and grain free.

We only use buckwheat flour (which is not a flour but a fruit seed).

We use only natural preservatives and dehydration for longevity of treats

We are a Canadian company and  first and foremost support farmers, our community and small businesses.

Blueboy Organic dog treats are real food treats rich in the best organic ingredients that are compatible with raw diets.

Blue oversees all production and taste testing and is the inspiration.