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Having a hard time deciding whether to convert to Raw? Do you have questions about the Store?

Why Raw?

A Little More About RAW Diet from Dr. Karen Becker:

The domestic dog whose taxonomic name is canis lupus familiaris is a domesticated form of the Grey Wolf, which is a member of the canidae family of the order Carnivora. Despite humans recent desire to create certain physical characteristics of dogs and cats' phenotype, or how animals look externally, both dogs and cats genotype (their genetic makeup ) remains essentially the same as their wild ancestors. This should tell you something about the foods that they should still be consuming and eating.

Of Course all animals are biologically equipped to assimilate and digest foods they were designed to eat. So for instance, earth worms are really designed to process dirt, cows are designed to eat grass, their GI tract is perfectly set up for this - cows have big round flat teeth to eat these grasses and they have a lot of range of motion laterally in their jaws.

Dogs and Cats do not have this motion in their jaws, their jaws move only up and down, because they are gulpers, not chewers. They have incredibly sharp interlocking teeth designed to rip and tear flesh. Dogs and Cats have a short GI tract compared to vegetarians that need to ferment foods, as carnivorous animals consume food with potentially very heavy pathogen loads. So they were really meant to get foods in and get foods out, quickly.

Before kibble existed, They thrived to consume fresh living and whole animals, but carnivorous animals did not evolve to eat sterile foods, and they have digestive tracts that are designed to be resilient and handle the loads of natural occurring bacteria that were present in the foods that they ate. Their food was moisture dense as well V.S the dry kibble pet owners feed today.

Although recent research has demonstrated that domesticated carnivores have bodily changes that show some adaptations to metabolizing some starches, as humans became planters and farmers of grains, dogs and cats really have not evolved into vegetarians since that time. In the last 100 years, since major pet food companies have produced the majority of pet foods from the base of corn, wheat, rice and potatoes, our carnivorous pets have not had a flurry of evolution to be able to process these foreign foods.

Dogs and cats are adaptable and resilient unlike other species, lets say snakes. For Instance if we suddenly forced snakes to consume grains or die or consume vegetation or die, they would simply die. Demonstrating visibly that they were not provided the correct food source.

Dogs and cats are some of the most resilient animals on the planet, so they are able to withstand really significant nutritional abuse without dying. Degenerating does occur, but suddenly dying doesn't, so part of the deception of feeding dogs and cats inappropriate foods for the last 100 years is that they haven't died from acute starvation. They've consumed these inappropriate foods that have kept them alive, but far from the thriving status of their wild relatives. Instead we have created dozens of generations of nutritionally weakened animals that suffer from degenerative diseases linked to nutritional deficiencies that most vets have not acknowledged.

What are the Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Raw?
There are more than we can count! Why feed your dog the same food every day, for the rest of their lives? Kibble is full of preservatives, even the premium brands, believe it or not. Just like for us humans, raw whole foods will always be full of more nutrients then canned, or frozen food. A list of benefits for your pup include:

  • No More Doggy Odour! (This is a big one )
  • Naturally Cleans Teeth
  • Stool is firmer
  • Decreased Vet bills! ( Be warned that some vets are against raw food diets )
  • Mirrors what a dog would be getting in the wild.
  • Fresher Breath
  • Better Weight Control
  • Allergies Start To Disappear
  • More Energy
  • Longer Life

Should/Can I cook raw food?

NEVER cook your pet's meal before feeding. This also goes with defrosting the food in the microwave. All of the raw diets have bone in them, dogs cannot digest cooked bone.

To thaw quickly, put the container in a COLD water bath. Hot and warm water will still start the cooking process. Do not leave the food out for too long to thaw. Thaw times vary on size of package / conditions.

Safe raw feeding practices

Handling raw food safely is similar to dealing with our own meat. Wash hands after feeding, and after each meal wash your dogs bowl well.

How Much Will a Raw Diet Cost?

The estimated feeding costs vary, depending on the size and activity level of your dog. There's a simple formula that may be helpful in calculating:

Weight of Dog x 2.5% x $2.75 (Average cost per lb) x 28 Days (7 Days x 4 Weeks) = Cost per month.

Keep in mind, that our suppliers carry a variety of protein choices which vary in price. To help reduce the cost, try adding raw meaty bones, such as chicken necks and backs or beef brisket bones to your pet's weekly meals.

Can I Feed Kibble AND Raw?
We get this question a lot, and a lot of people think that combining these will lower cost, however we do not advise that you consider mixing the two. Dry dog food has a different digestion rate than Raw food. When trying to get your dog on raw, it's very important to start on a clean stomach. Mixing the two foods increases the amount of time that the food stays in the digestive system which may cause loose stools or vomiting.

Does The Fluffy Carnivore Offer Cooked Meals?
Yes, we offer Canine Cuisine Human Grade cooked meatloaf's. Currently available in beef , chicken & lamb protein. We also carry a variety of freeze-dried raw, and dehydrated raw! Perfect for traveling with your pets!

Won't My Dog Get Sick from Salmonella?
Dogs' digestive systems are not the same as humans. They digest food more quickly and their digestive systems are also more acidic which means bacteria does not have time to colonize. Dogs are also well equipped to handle bacteria. Their saliva also contains lysozymes and enzyme that destroys harmful bacteria. The combination of these 3 factors (lysozymes, acid and speed of digestion) all make raw feeding what nature intended.

What Kind Of Supplements Do I Require With Raw?
When feeding your dog Raw,  Fish Oil is essential for their diet as they need omega 3.

Other supplements that we would recommend on a daily basis is sea kelp, if you're buying Pure Blends. The Sea Kelp will help with the digestion of the Raw Food. Feel free to browse our supplements page, here

I've Decided I Want to Feed Raw, What's Next?
Congratulations, and welcome to our community of Raw Feeders!

We highly recommend you come into the store for the first time to talk to one of our certified pet food nutritionists, to guide you in the right direction for your pet. While there is a basic guideline that most people follow, we like to help you pick the best meal plan for your pets needs!