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Slow Feeder Honeycomb

The Fluffy Carnivore Pet Food Market

Slow Feeder Honeycomb


AKOKSUM Created Custom Slow Feeders 

Our bowls are environmentally friendly, sustainable and food safe. The plastic used to create these bowls is a renewable thermoplastic made from the plants such as corn, sugarcane, and sugar beet. 


*Large: 20 CM (2 cups of kibble - 1lb raw), depth 3.0CM

* Extra-Large honeycomb 20 CM (up to 4 cups kibble - 2lbs raw), depth 4.5 CM



*Not dishwasher safe: heat sensitive- no hot water or dishwasher 

* All bowls are made to order and small defects/imperfections can occur with prints

* Hand wash with cool water and dry after each use 

*Do not leave with pet unattended

*NOT suited for destructive dogs

*The bowl can have sharper edges around some letters/shapes and we recommend the “paw” or “honeycomb” bowl if this concerns you 

*The slowfeeder should be taken away after eating to reduce the risk of your dog playing with it/destroying it 

*Comes with floor grips

*AKOKSUM assumes no liability for damages, injuries, or any other matters resulting from the use or misuse of this product.

* Longer names MUST be straight (on the inside or outside of the bowl).