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Adored Beast Fido's Flora

Adored Beast

Adored Beast Fido's Flora


Biologically species-appropriate probiotic ...

from dogs for dogs

- 16 species probiotic blend including 2
directly derived from healthy canine feces

- Produces metabolites that fight bacteria
like E. coli, clostridium and salmonella

- Supports production of neurotransmitters
in the brain

- Tested and proven to live in the acidic
environment of a dog’s digestive tract

- Not affected by antibiotics commonly
prescribed to treat intestinal upset

- Adds ancient organic minerals vital for
cell health and longevity

- Aids in removal of toxic minerals and
heavy metals

- May inhibit metastasis of tumor cells

- Enhances aspects of the immune system

- Helps to restore damaged gut lining


Ingredients based on 1/2 tsp serving:

  • 14 strain probiotic
  • 2 fecal derived canine probiotic strains
  • 2 billion CFU (colony forming units)
  • Prebiotic Larch Arabinogalactian (850mg)
  • Fulvic & Humic Acids

To give Fido's Flora pre and probiotics for dogs, add to food once per day (dosages vary depending on the size of your dog)


  • 1-29 lbs  0.25 tsp for 56 days
  • 30-59 lbs 0.50 tsp for 28 days
  • 60-89 lbs 0.75 tsp for 18.5 days
  • 90+ lbs  1 tsp for 14 days